Our little boy, under construction..

Pregnancy was never going to be easy, no matter what people say or what you read on the internet. Or even what you think. And for me a first time mum, it was no different. I just tried to educate myself reading articles on the internet, and reading books.

I’ve read so much on google about what you should be taking, what you should be doing, what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

The one I was interested in reading was what to eat to prevent morning sickness, and for me nothing really worked in the first trimester, and I did try my fair share of different things. They say ginger biscuits are the best. I tried this and they worked, but then I completely went off them soon after. It was then the nausea, not once in the first three months was I ever sick, but the feeling was there most of the day. So I don’t know what was worse. I just had to get used to the idea it would just pass with time and something you would sadly get used to. which unfortunately it did. The first 3 months I felt very tired, but off course you would, as your body is going through so many changes.

From day one I went from eating like a a monster to eating hardly anything, and having to be literally forced to eat. Which is when I started to try and eat little and often. As well as enjoy fruit smoothie, this was good as it could easily be drank, so didn’t feel like I was eating. The best food I found was cucumber and hummus, and dry crackers with little bits and pieces on the side, like cheese cubes. This is when I started to food plan, and meal prep. This wasn’t only good for me to know what I was eating within a day, but made sure both myself and DB were being healthier. They say in your first trimester this is the most important, as this is the point your baby is starting to develop their structure and the little vital organs.

One tip for any women out there is to purchase a pregnancy pillow too. The more weeks you become the more sleep won’t be your best friend, no matter how hard you try. But having my pillow and laying on my left side really did help me get a better night. The pillow I had I brought of Amazon UK. It’s offers me so much support still up to now, and due to the shape good for when the baby is here, to help support them.

For me doing research they advise you not to sleep on the right side due to the major blood vessels running that side of your spine. This was hard for me as this is my normal sleeping postition. I tried laying on my back which for some time brilliant, but after a while that become a no no when your bump starts growing!! So the left side it is. Helpful tip- use a pillow between your legs to support yourself.

Where I am now- Second trimester

Luckily this has been much better for me, the nausea went. But my appetite still stayed away. Every time I look at food I am put off, the only thing I enjoy and continue to eat are pickled eggs. I can’t get enough of them.

I am so lucky to have the support from DB, who ensures I have food for the day and snack bits. I have felt so lucky to have him around to support me through this. You need to make sure that you are taking time for yourself and thinking of your own mental health. I have written from my perspective the ways I have changed my lifestyle in incorporate this better. Feed the baby and stay healthy

Apart from the lose of appetite, and wanting to sleep all the time, it’s not actually been too bad. The best part of these months are the baby starts to kick and that is absolutely brilliant. I am loving this part of pregnancy. I’ve got a perfect little bump (being kept on track by updated pictures).

Using the free app ‘Pregnancy+’ I am able to track the babies size, and get weekly updates. I love the way it gives you the size in fruit, sweets and animals. I have being using the fruit and photographing my belly alongside these.

Come visit back for more as I get bigger, and join me in my journey. Becoming a mum

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