The baby made me do it

‘ I may have 2 brains in my body. But not even 1 works

Sitting here with nothing to watch on the TV, I’ve been researching the weird and wonderful items you can buy as a mummy. Now the ones I have found are actually really good ideas and I’ve added to my wish list. They are fantastic but you do wonder who and why they were ever invented.

Number One; Pregnancy seatbelt

This is something that really interested me, when I first found out about these. The reason behind this invention is brilliant and very smart.

Instead of having the lap belt going over your bump, which can be very dangerous for us ladies who are pregnant. This is because having a seat belt across your belly puts pressure on the abdomen which is where the foetus is located. The difference is the pregnancy seat belt fits across the chest, and is secured between your legs and across the top of them. It is very easy to install to the seat and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

I found this so interesting that I’ve added it to my wish list. You can buy this online, by simply typing in ‘pregnancy seatbelt’. If your like me and drive everywhere then this safety belt is a brilliant idea.

Check the one I’ve been looking at-

Number Two; Mummy and Daddy decider coin

Are you indecisive?

Becoming a parent there are a lot of choices and a lot of decisions to be made. We got given a first time parents hamper filled with lots of essentials and goodies for us. One of the things inside was a coin decider. One to use up until baby bonkers arrival and another one for when he is here.

This is such a brilliant quirky little joke gift, but worth every penny. We have used it for who turn it to cook dinner, and who’s turn it was to do the cleaning. Because obviously we had to make sure it worked properly, and know how it is used. It can save you the arguments and make your parenthood life a lot easier.

They can be brought very easily online by simply searching ‘parents coin decider’

Number three; Baby shusher

Do you like sleep? Then this is definitely for you.

Recommend to be used from birth the baby shusher mimics the soothing voice of a ‘shh’. Because of the noise is a consistent soothing sound, it helps your babies to rest easy, and fall into a better sleep. You can use this up to any age but the recommended age is up to 9 months.

In the womb your baby is used to hearing up to 95 decibels. The baby shusher uses up to 85 decibels which can be adjusted at your control. Meaning it’s completely safe.

The benefits I would definitely say for this amazing little device is, it’s portable and runs off batteries so can be brought out and about with you on the move, or simply within the home. Also it has a timer of 15-30 minutes, depending on how long your baby takes to fall asleep it’s your choice.

Check them out-

My top three things for becoming a mummy has been revealed. I am sure I’ll be having more weird and wonderful items and ideas soon.

3 thoughts on “The baby made me do it

  1. It may not be a weird and wonderful thing but not many people know about it is Anbesol teething LIQUID… Not the gel the liquid it is amazing as has anaesthetic in it so definitely does the job 🙂

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