Step up your game

‘ The best memories, are made gathered around a table with family and fun’

On a Saturday night, what more could you wish for then being sat around the table with your favourite people. The best thing to do is obviously introduce a new game that takes no more then 30 seconds to explain.

It’s a win win situation with us. But beware this game when playing with adults or our family can get very serious. It’s one to test your skill and your patience, but have a great joke and laugh with.

We were lucky enough to be gifted a new game. As soon as we saw this we knew it was one for us to incorporate into our next game night. Not only is it an updated version of a wooden game I used to play when I was younger, it is much safer as if it falls you won’t be giving yourself injuries (I hope not anyways).

‘The Fuzzies’, the name says it all fuzzy balls. Being a game with fuzzy balls, you would think it would fall down easily, but I’m surprised how sturdy it was. Some are easier to remove then others, but some are stuck solid. We got this game gifted to us by VR Distribution. Who have a fantastic range of different boards games for all ages and abilities. The fuzzies for us has now become one of our favourite games for games night.

It’s very simple to set up. All you need to do is have a good shuffle of the cards. Next place all the fuzzies into the cup and push all into place, once you have done this flip on the stand and your ready to go.

Each player takes their turn to choose a coloured card. Using the little tweezers you need to make sure your very careful to choose the correct coloured fuzzie without any falling. If you accomplish this you are a winner, and you can relax until your next turn.

However if your a loser like me, it’s not that simple. My first turn I failed miserably. I choose my fuzzie and as I take it out the top section all falls down. For me I was rewarded a challenge. This can be using your other hand, covering one eye. For me I had to pretend I was an elephant, and use my other hand. Deep breathe and sweating as I took my time feeling the pressure I took my turn, this time I achieved my goal.

Having a games night for us once a month has become tradition since moving into our home. We are always looking at new ways to vamp our nights in up, and make more interesting. It is the one time we can get the family together for fun and laughter. As well as trying new games and having a good catch up. Although we are all adults I like the idea that if children were to join, there are so many learning opportunities. Firstly it’s good for colour recognition, which after a few drinks from the others they could do some help with. Also improving fine motor skills. Which is very important.

Our family night normally consist of a cheeky takeaway and some well deserved drinks. However for me being pregnant, I am taking a step back, and letting the other enjoy. But I didn’t want to miss out altogether and after drinking water all the time I needed a change. This is when I found some non alcoholic gin from Aldi. If you know me well enough you know before I was pregnant gin was my go to and since finding this I was in awe. I choose the rhubarb and ginger, and with a splash of lemonade you wouldn’t even tell that it contained no alcohol. I have also found Heineken do a non alcohol beer. Which when out shopping I treated myself. Even Danny had a sip and said for a non alcoholic beverage. It was very good.

I don’t know about you but games night has taught me; team work makes the dream work. New memories and laughs are always made. You incorporate social skills (no matter if you win or lose) and most importantly

‘Don’t take life to seriously’

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