Reminiscing the dating game

‘It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails’

Looking back on our memories of the many dates we have been on, we fast forward a year and notice how things have changed dramatically.

One year ago we were venturing around London breathing and taking in all the sights on the start of our bar crawl. Wrapped up warm and cosy on the way to our destination of London’s tropical escape Laki Kane for an afternoon of cocktail making and tasting. (More tasting but we need to learn don’t we?)

We started of as many young British people would do, and found a weatherspoons pub. We had a bite to eat here to line our stomachs and our first round of drinks. From here on we stopped of at a range of bars. This was only so we could compare our creations to the ones we had previously tried, and tested.

A short walk away we found Laki Kane. This bar and restaurant is very easy to get to, both by bus and train. The closest tube stations is Angel Islington. Only a couple of minute walk.

On arrival to the bar, outside looked amazing, trees and foliage everywhere. Setting the tropical scene as it advertised very well. As soon as we walked in the staff were all very friendly and polite. As well as very chatty, and more then happy to show us where we needed to go, and what to expect from our experience. The experience we choose was the cocktail masterclass which we booked using Virgin Experience Days. However they offer a few other options too.

If you are wanting to impress your date you could have your very own romantic cocktail class.

If that’s not for you a simple rum making class, or am very easy and simple rum tasting with a sharing cocktail.

If you are lucky to visit on a Saturday or Sunday, you can pop by for a 3 course meal with 1.5 hours of bottomless cocktails.

Downstairs in the bar and restaurant area they offer an authentic Thai menu. Unfortunately we didn’t stop for food, but after smelling and seeing some of the dishes we will be returning.

The room in which we got taken to, was up a flight of stairs. And looked to us as it was going to be very small. However it was set out lovely and was bigger then expected. It was like walking up and being transported on a holiday, with the decor. On the tables were the different syrups we were going to use, rums and a fantastic little book called ‘ Let’s get tropical’. This was great, and filled with so many yummy looking cocktails. Too many to try.

A bigger bonus was we got told we could purchase at the end of the session for £5. We obviously had to buy this to improve our skills at home, and impress our guests. However for now it takes pride of place on our alcohol wall were it will stay for a little while longer, until the baby has arrived.

Our host was great, and couldn’t have been more helpful answering the questions. He didn’t rush us like we have had in some places, as was patient with each and everyone of us.

The cocktails we learnt to make were delicious and it was really nice to be able to actually see what goes into making it. We also liked that each cocktail our host would provide a little bit of history on the drink. Or even how to improve it next time.

I thought I knew about my drinks but I couldn’t have been more incorrect. We learnt about rum over the years, and what to put into a good cocktail. We learnt key techniques to become experts of the cocktail world. Then we were left and we were able to choose our very own recipe to try from the book. Whilst making the cocktail we found out that it’s good to use the correct measure. As we kind of got this wrong, and ended up with a very strong drink.

We had such a great experience here, and we will definitely be returning for another experience. This place definitely deserves 5 stars from us. Unfortunately now for us our future dates won’t be including any types of alcohol. But as soon as I can here is a destination we will be attending.

But until then we will still have lots of fun exploring new experiences and new date ideas.

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