Preparing to welcome 10 tiny little toes

‘Watching our very own fairytale unfold

The day we have been waiting for. The day of the baby show. Last night I couldn’t even sleep due to the excitement. Or is that just being pregnant I don’t know?

We have spent the day in London at the baby show with Lidl GB. This was located at the Olympia Stadium, where they have been running for the past 21 years. A day spent with Nanny and Grandpa B-

As soon as I walked through the doors, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. It was going to be a fun filled day, despite the danger our pockets may be in. The aim of our day was to purchase a buggy and a travel system for Baby Bonkers arrival. All I had in mind was that I wanted something grey, which wasn’t much help to anyone.

The first stall we noticed was Lidl’s, the set up was lovely and unusual, as it was based on a house layout. We took a seat in the living room, and spoke to one of the lovely ladies. She supplied us with a goodie bag, and told us about the prices of some of the products, and things that they sell relating to baby care.

After this we headed towards the back of the hall. To where we got told we needed to be to find the buggies.

However it didn’t take long for us to get side tracked again and find another interesting stall. This stall was called SnuggleBundl. We got given a demonstration on the product. It has been described as the worlds first baby lifting blanket, with handles. You simply lay the baby inside, placing their head in the support provided. This protects the head and also means they can be lifted without waking. Perfect for transferring your sleepy heads into the car, or even out shopping from the car to the shopping trolley. We brought two of this one warmer blanket, and one for the summer weather, or when on holiday. This is something you need to check out yourself.

As soon as we finished here, we walked in hope of finding our buggy. As soon as I turned the corner I instantly fell in love with a grey leatherette buggy. Nanny B who was sat on a rocking chair, was also eyeing it up. They had a range of different buggy on offer but none caught our eye more then this one. Check out there range. You definitely won’t be disappointed-

The buggy we spotted was a mee-go Milano Plus Leather, it came with everything we were looking for. It had the bassinet, as well as the seat unit, car seat and the isofix base. Even better it included some added extras. The one thing we liked is that many buggies out there are fabric. This makes it harder for them to stay clean, but being leatherette it’s perfect to simply just wipe over. As it was a special event many stalls were offering exclusive offers for the day. Even the top brands. Meaning we got some very good deals.

As we were speaking to the gentleman, he was informing us the buggies he sells are all stitched in Italy. However everything else is completed here in the UK. Meaning not only would it arrive to us quicker. If there was to be any problems, the turn around for getting fixed would be a lot easier, quicker and simpler. I really liked the idea of having a buggy that was made in the UK. He also informed us we can test the buggy out at the ‘made for mums’ buggy testing track. Obviously we couldn’t say no and went to find it. The track was made up of different obstacles you would face on a daily outing. Grass, bumps, ridges and even one that resembled a stoney texture. It was brilliant, as there were a range of buggy, we tested out some others we had liked and seen. However still nothing compared to the mee-go. The mee- go was so easy to manoeuvre and could easily be pushed using one hand. On the wheels themselves they had different setting for different grounds. Also the suspension for a buggy was pretty good too. The only issue for some would be the basket at the bottom is smaller then other buggies. That wasn’t an issue for us, as the basket was enclosed, so when you have things inside it won’t get wet and dirty if your out and about.

A little sneak peak above. Check back in a few weeks when we have the buggy set up and ready to go.

We decided we didn’t want to rush to an answer, as it was a very big decision to make so decided we would take some time looking at other buggies, other stalls, and grab a bite to eat.

As we walked around they had your well known brands, as well as little boutiques and business not so well known. But all fantastic. The one stall we were interested in visiting was the Tommee tippee, as we knew there were some bits we wanted but hadn’t had the chance to buy. We found a gro clock. I have wanted one of this for a while for Baby Bonkers room. It’s a night light that changes colour depending on the temperature in the room.

Although we don’t plan on using dummies we wanted to prepare just in case. As you never know. Plus for the price we paid, it was a no brainier. So thank you Tommee Tippee for that one. We walked past the Milton stall and noticed they had goody bags for £10. Included inside was Milton hand sanitizer, and a soother steriliser. Something none of us had seen before, but such a good little invention. It’s a ball type container which can attach to the buggy, inside was a sponge that the tip of the dummy sits in. Simply put water in the container and a small tablet, which was included and your done in 15 minutes.

Let’s now fast forward to the end of the day, and hours of walking around, talking to experts and listening to different live talk on the main stage. We have made our big decision on our buggy and travel system.

YES!! You guessed it, the buggy we had seen hours earlier.

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