Feed the baby and stay healthy

‘Self care isn’t selfish, it’s a need in our life’

Don’t ever think that putting yourself first is a bad thing. Especially when pregnant as you are carrying the most precious thing ever. Remember to take time for yourself, and take a break.

Self care is all about improving your own health, and most importantly being happy in yourself. In pregnancy this is paramount, as it’s not only you now you have another little human depending on you. I have taken steps to help me and improve my health along this journey. As well as having the support from Danny.

We have only introduced small things into our routine however the small things make a big difference. Both Danny and myself like getting out and getting some fresh air. For us Sunday is a day we know we don’t plan much, so decided this is this best day for us to go for a walk. This isn’t always in our local area, but to different parklands and forests. Somewhere new to explore. It is also great for when the baby is here to. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have really struggled to find trainers that aren’t only comfortable, but are easy to put on. When walking you want comfort, and being pregnant you need to be. I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful brand of ‘ ones leisure trainers’ at BlogOn UK. As soon as I tried these trainers on, they were so comfy and lightweight. They have 3 different designs, and are unisex. They have a lovely story behind the brand too and are genuinely wonderful people. It’s definitely worth a read and a look at their trainers. https://ones.co.uk

Since living in this house we always mentioned about meal planning, but busy lives we never sat down to get it done. Until now. During this pregnancy I haven’t wanted to eat much, or when asked what I want I can’t decide. So help was on its way.

I made sure we both sat down and wrote a list of our favourite meals, and some cheeky puddings, as well as the ingredients needed. This meant when we went shopping we didn’t over spend or buy things we didn’t need. We would like to not only be healthy but lose a little bit of weight in the process. For me that will be after the pregnancy. Although it doesn’t work for everyone we found if we do a monthly frozen shop, it makes it much easier for us as we don’t have to go out every week. We are lucky enough to have a chest freezer as well as a fridge freezer. Meaning we can do this. We ensure we have enough food for the month ahead. This also is another money saver, as we can buy bulk on a lot, which means we can get deals on food.

Some of the meals planned simply go into the slow cooker. The best result for this is that once it’s cooked and we have eaten our share, the rest can be placed in pots and frozen for a later time. Other meals we will cook more then is needed and complete the same process. They say the most important thing to remember is getting enough vitamins and fluids in your body. To help me drink more I brought the best bottle, that has the times down the side to make sure your drinking enough. As well as little positive quotes.

I’ve started to include more calcium into my diet. As this is something I didn’t do. Apart from milk in my teas, that was about my intake. One drink that has become my new favourite is shaken udder milkshakes. I recently reviewed this over on my instagram page- https://www.instagram.com/p/CjqniBEMMd6/

If you are like me I’m always reminded breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My recent favourite being Overnight oats, so simple and easy to make. All prepared the evening before. So no need to wake up and rush around. You should try it out.

I like to be organised and I wanted a weekly meal planner. But I didn’t want a paper version or book I wanted a board I could rub out and change on a regular basis. Only problem was the ones I had seen were expensive. Until I walked into one of our local charity shops, they had a brand new planning board for £5. On a weekly basis I will write down the meals we are having. Checking the food we have in the freezer and cupboards.

Now this point is easier set then done, and take that from me. As it’s about about getting a good night sleep. I love my sleep and I definitely had to make some changes to my nightly routine. I can’t sit here and promise you they are going to work for you. But some tips from me to you:

Keeping a regular sleeping pattern. Before I was pregnant especially at the weekends I would go to bed whenever I felt like it and this being sometimes 12 o’clock at night. I would stay up watching films, or browsing and talking. I soon found out early in my pregnancy, this was not a good way to start. So I started going to bed around the same time every night. Both during the week and at the weekend. Surprising this did help, apart from having to get up for toilet breaks. However I can say you may still feel tired and want a nap, but it has helped me sleep through the night.

My next tip is your sleeping position and your room layout. Make sure when you get into bed you are comfortable, and the room is how you like it. I found me I lay on my side and cuddle up to my pregnancy pillow. The one I have is the full body pillow, and with it being thick is very comfortable at night. Also I find I stay in the same position during the night. One thing we did do is opted to change our curtains. We purchased some black out curtains, you don’t realise how much light is let in with normal standard curtains. For us this was a very good purchase, and have done this for every room.

You are amazing. You can do anything if you put your mind to it and You will succeed.

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