Adding a splash of colour

An exciting time has arrived in our household. Adding that splash of colour to the house of grey. We are starting to decorate Baby Bonkers room. Although he won’t be sleeping in there for a good few months, we wanted to make it look nice and have it ready for when he is big enough. Plus are we really going to have the time once he makes his arrival. My guess is properly not.

The room before hand was painted blue on one side and the rest white. But it was marked and scratched, and was very plain. Not something we like to be. This was and is the last room in the house for a makeover.

Before the makeover.

Before we started we created a list, of what we wanted and what we needed. It took us a while to create this, so hopefully this can and will help you.

1. Decorating the room

We were lucky enough to have some money left in our budget to decorate Baby Bonker’s bedroom. However we still did his room on a budget starting with the paint. We had decided on a colour and a theme for his room, and knew we had to stick with this. We then waited for deals on paint. A lot of retailers will have deals on, you just need to keep an eye out. We didn’t have to wait for long until B&Q had a 3 for 2 on coloured paint. The paint we choose was ‘Dulux Nordic Sky’. This colour is a sky blue, with a hint of grey. Perfect for any room. We knew as the room was a box room 3 pots would be more then enough. Meaning we would have enough for touch ups in the future.

2. A place to sleep

Just like us, babies need somewhere comfortable and spacious to sleep. For the first part of a babies life they are normally in a Moses basket or a crib and will be in the room you sleep. We opted for a Moses basket that we will be having in our bedroom. The main cot we have for his room, was given to us second hand. So this saved us a lot of money. A tip that will come in cost effective is buying a cot that converts through the ages. The cot we were given, starts as a cot and transforms into a toddler bed. We made sure that we brought a new mattress. As well as new bedding. New bedding shopping is great, as there are so many designs to pick. This was important to us, so we know our baby is having the most comfort.

3. Furniture

Babies take up a lot of room, what with their clothes, and other essentials. In Baby Bonkers bedroom it has a small built in cupboard, which we created our own shelf’s using off cut wood we had from a previous job. For us we didn’t want to spend lots of money on bedroom furniture, or sets that we know we would only use for a little while. This is when we decided to take a trip down to IKEA. A lot of the furtniture already in our house is from here, and we know it’s very good quality so why not. In here we brought 2 tall boy units in white, and some floating shelves for around the room. Another piece we brought was a 3 drawer unit. This we have used as a changing table. Which brings me onto number 4.

4. Changing and Nappy area

For us when speaking about the best changing units, we said personally for us the purpose tables are a waste of money. For some people this works but for us it wasn’t the best way. This is why we decided on buying a drawer unit. This way we have more storage, which is more practical. In IKEA they have a wedge baby care mat. This is designed by having 3 raised walls, this increases safety and prevents falling. It is easily wipeable, and they even sell fabric covers to go over. The baby care mat fits perfectly on top of the unit.

The drawers on this unit are quite deep so we have filled them up, the best way we could think. The first drawer have 3 separate boxes- nappies, wipes and creams and nappy bags. In the second drawer we have vests and baby grows for his size. And lastly the third is mittens, socks and hats. Everything we need all in one place.

5. Electricals

Knowing the perfect temperature of the room really helps. Just like us if your bedroom is too hot or cold, it is going to affect your sleep. For babies this is more important as they are unable to regulate their own body temperature. The ideal room temperature is between 16-20 degrees. Also making sure that you are dressing your baby in the correct clothing. We will be using bodysuits, as well as swaddle blankets for our baby. And according to the weather adjust what clothing. To help us with the room temperature, we brought a gro clock. There are many varieties out there. The one we choose to use was the Tommee Tippee gro clock. It acts as a night light, and tells you the temperature too.

These are the main points, we could think were most important in preparing a new baby room. We hope this will and has helped you. For new mums it’s always hard to know what to do or what is going to be beneficial for yourself and the baby. The baby made me do it, here are some unique but great inventions for us mummies and daddies. Because it’s important to treat yourself too.

We have added some extras into our room to make things easier. As well as things for out and about. We have brought a nappy bin. So we can try and contain the smell. Also we have brought 2 nappy caddy organisers. One for the home and the other for the car, just for emergencies.

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