Who’s getting the birthday bumps?

‘ Those aren’t grey hairs, it’s birthday glitter growing’

The start of a very busy couple of months has started. Danny birthday is approaching very quickly. Meaning I was on the internet and browsing to find some great gifts. If I do say so myself I think I did very well.

When I buy gifts I always try and get things people wouldn’t think of buying. Something unique and special. Which I think I did quite well. Don’t you agree?

These gifts are good for every occasion- birthdays, Christmas or simply to treat for that special someone.

1. Choconchoc

I found a lovely little company called choconchoc. This business is a father and daughter combination, who started up in 2003. They are UK based, which as I’ve commented on in other post, is important to me supporting businesses like this. This chocolate brand can be found in many of your high street retailers including John Lewis, Selfridges and Waitrose. As well as their own website.

The best part is they don’t just do your standard chocolate. Weather you want a chocolate pint and pie or some chocolate cheese and crackers. These are your people. They even have kits for children to excavate dinosaurs. https://choconchoc.co.uk

2. Personalised apron

What better way to show your appreciation to a good cook, ( or so he thinks) then getting an apron specially make with my face. Not only is this a very practical present. As when your cooking you can never guarantee you are going to stay clean, it’s hilarious and rather unique. And at least he won’t be able to forget me. This present is one I will be making sure he wears.

The company I used was https://www.myfacesocks.co.uk. This website do aprons, but also offer a lot more personalised gifts. Starting from blankets to socks and even shower curtains. A bonus for this website is everything I have visited they have offers and deals on. That aren’t to be missed.

3. Spotify music plaque


I don’t know if other couples are like Danny and myself, but we have that one song that we listened to and just stuck as our song. For us this song was Wretch 32- 6 words. For me I wanted something to remind us of this special song, which is when I found https://myspotifyglass.co.uk

The process for this was very easy. I uploaded my favourite picture, and choose the song I wanted. These both will get added to an acrylic slab, and the layout is similar to the song selection on Spotify. Having this you can remember your favourite moment with the song title you love.

4. The adventure challenge book

Now this book I have had my eyes on for a while. But am yet to purchase. This book is dating to a new level. And can make your next date night interesting. If you like surprises you will definitely like this. It’s a dating book with a twist. Each date inside costs between £0 to £50. You won’t know what your be doing until you have scratched it off. Included in the book is a guide of how much it will cost ( can easily change to your budget) as well as how long it may take you.

Make sure if this is a purchase for you, that you take plenty of pictures and add to the pages. https://uk.theadventurechallenge.com

If you wanted to check out another guide for presents. I have created one for mummies to be- The baby made me do it

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