What’s in the bag, pregnancy edition

‘ Keep calm and pack your hospital bag’

Planning to go into hospital is a scary yet an exciting experience for you. In my case we are going in as a two and coming out as a three.

If your like me and like to be organised. You may have already started to think or even start packing your hospital bag. They recommend that you pack your bag at least two weeks before your due date, but it can’t hurt being prepared and having it all ready can it?

I’ve decided that because there is so much that needs to be packed I am going to have two different bags. One for me and one for baby. This way I will know where to find things and so will Danny. As there is nothing worse then having to rummage through bags to find what your looking for. To help me further I have invested in some bags, that I can write on. I’ll be putting items of clothing in, making it easier to find.

For me I ordered a weekender bag. That I hope all of my bits and pieces for my time in hospital will fit in nicely. The list is based on things I think I will personally need.

• An old towel (chances are you may want to throw this away after)

• Clothing for Labour: nigthie, loose long top

• Slippers/ flip flops ( your feet are likely to sweat and swell, and you want to be comfy)

• Dressing gown: every woman needs their comfort

• Clothes to go home in- selection of supportive maternity bras

• Dark coloured trousers (baggy, and over the tummy)


• Toiletry bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hair bands, deodorant, body spray, dry shampoo, pain killers

• Maternity pads. Breast pads

Now most importantly don’t forget any chargers you may need, as well as a refillable water bottle to keep you hydrated. Forget about the healthy snacks for the day. Pack yourself lots of goodies to keep your energy up.

Your bag is now all set, and next is what your baby needs in theirs. You won’t be needing as much for baby. Plus their items will be smaller.

• Your chosen nappies and wipes

• Pre- prepared formula, and bottles ( if not planning to breastfeed)

• 5 baby-grows/ sleep suits

• 5 vests

• 5 muslins

•Hats and mittens (to keep your baby warm)

• Their own blanket

• Car seat

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