Things no one tell you about pregnancy

When your pregnant your made aware of the morning sickness, the aching pains in your body, and the constant weeing. However there are a lot of things that you aren’t told of. Or I wasn’t told or aware until I got faced with it first hand.

Here are the top 15 things I didn’t know and could come in useful for you.

Starting at number 1 we have- You miss a lot of time off work. I found I had a lot of appointments booked in, not to mention the scans. For us living in an area that doesn’t have access to a hospital. We had to add travel time onto this. You will find that in the later stages of your pregnancy you will be having appointments every 2-3 weeks. Some of which happened within the same week.

In at number 2- As soon as you mention your pregnancy people will become very protective over you. So make the most of this stage.

Number 3 we have- Your gums will become more sensitive, and you will notice they may start to bleed. I had to start using a manual toothbrush as an electric make me feel sick, as well as being to harsh on my gums.

For number 4 we have- You will start seeing pregnant people everywhere.

Number 5 is you plan healthy meals, but this won’t stay for long. You will want rubbish food, or something that is quick and easy. Some recipes can be found Food| Drink. My favourite being pickled eggs

Up next at number 6- When you start to get bigger slip on shoes will become your best friend. Depending on the weather flip flop could be the answer. For me I brought slip on slippers and this was what I lived in.

Number 7 and relating to clothing is maternity clothing. I couldn’t find any nice maternity clothes and the ones I did find didn’t fit properly. ( it could just simply be me). However what I did was size up in my clothing. Living in leggings, jogging bottoms and stretchy skirts.

In at number 8. As you get bigger as you may have been told your body changes a lot. In ways you never knew. For me I started to worry when my nice neat innie belly button popped and become an outie. This apparently will go back to normal once your little bundle of joy is here. So don’t worry ladies.

Number 9 is another body fact is everything becomes hairy. First my around my belly button then more around the actual belly. I even caught a few hairs growing on my chin, which wasn’t welcome. Then before you knew it the hair I did have was growing a lot faster then it ever had.

10- Tiredness will become more and more. I should have listened to people when they said you need to rest, as this is one thing I’ve only just started to do, with not much time at all to go. I have a nap during the day, I wake and I still feel tired. And I want to go and have another nap.

For number 11 this relates to what I’ve said but the further on you get the more uncomfortable you get. This isn’t only with your new perfected waddle, but with sitting too. My new favourite seat has become a yoga ball. Also getting in and out of bed, now that can feel like an adventure just in itself.

Number 12- Your body goes through many changes as you get bigger I definitely had my fair share of people coming up and touching my bump without asking. (So be aware of this). Some of this people have been friends and family but other people will notice and think it’s acceptable just because you have a bump.

For number 13 this could just be my family and my set of friends, but I am constantly told I bet there are more then one baby in there. Or asked on a regular basis how many I am expecting. For me my bump isn’t actually that big either.

At 14 is your emotions, they are going to be everywhere. You could be laughing one minute and something happens and that is it you are in the worst mood. There are some days I would set myself up for the day in a good mood and something simple could happen like, what I wanted to wear would doesn’t fit or something has been said to me. Or simply I would randomly just start crying. But take it from me don’t be to hard in yourself. Remember you are doing an amazing job. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. I have written a little helping hand for you. Feed the baby and stay healthy

And saving the best to last number 15 is- be prepared and prepare others for the gas you will start passing. Now this is a smell that is like no other. And it’s going to happen a lot more as you get through your pregnancy. For me and many women I know your be making all of this lovely smells, but you could find it hard to do anything about it. And find yourself feeling constipated on many occasions.

Also just a little heads up be careful when you laugh, cough, sneeze, pretty much do anything. You may find yourself having a little trickle, as your bladder is no more as strong as it was.

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