First baby bucket list

‘ We knew when we first sure you, an adventure was going to happen’

Time flies when your having fun is something you always hear. And the first year of a babies life isn’t going to any different. If anything the time will go faster and it will be gone within a blink.

The first and most fun thing we decided to do at the start of my maternity was create a list of our favourite things to do as a couple. Ensuring each thing can be done with a baby. I was then able to colour code sticks in which I put into a jar. As they were different colours this allowed us to choose different activities and outing that were free, as well as ones that would cost a little more.

We want to make sure we make the most out of our time with our little man creating memories we can all cherish for year to comes. We have both sat down and thought very hard on what to include in our ‘ First baby bucket list’.

We have narrowed our list to 10 things we are planning on getting done within the first year of our little man’s life. Some are going to be easier then others but we are up for the challenge!

1. Capture babies hand and footprints each month til 1 year

This is such a perfect way to create a memory walk of baby during his first year, and show you how far he has come within that time. I am wanting to do this on canvas that we can display in his room.

2. Visit the zoo

I may be getting older, but no one can ever tell me I am too big or old for a visit to the Zoo. Having a child is just an excuse for parents to be big kids too right?

3. New born photoshoot

Since moving into our house we love to capture everything, and I have said we would love to create a photo wall. ( which I have started). I couldn’t think of a better way to capture our precious first moments then having a professional photoshoot.

4. Visit somewhere new

We love to get out and about to explore. Weather this be a new park, forest to find, or a walk. We have decided we are going to pack up a picnic, jump into the car and drive off to find somewhere new to explore for the day. Enjoying the fresh air.

5. Plane ride

We love the thrill of getting onto a plane and travelling. However with a baby, now this could be a challenge. BUT we say let’s do it. We don’t know where we plan on visiting, but have said it will be a short haul for the first time. Just to ease us in nice and slowly, or we hope anyways.

5. Build a bear warehouse

This was a tradition for me as I was growing up was to visit the Build a Bear workshop. I still to this day have my very first bear that still has the voice of my mum and dad inside from over 20 years ago.

We want to keep this tradition going and a shopping trip we will definitely be embarking on to get done. When our little man grows up he will hopefully remember the reason behind this and always know he will have us with him too.

7. Visit the beach

All I can say to this is everyone loves to be beside the seaside. However I think this one can wait until the summer.

8. Collect sand from every beach we visit

We are lovers of the beach, weather it be in the sunshine or the rain. It doesn’t matter to us. I have seen so many things on social media of different souvenirs from people getaways. For me I want something different, this is when I thought of collecting sand/ shells from the different beaches we visit and putting them all together in a jar or ornament.

9. Memory book

I saw this and instantly fell in love with the idea. Every month we fill out our memory book of one good memory, adventure or accomplishment we completed. Weather this be pictures, or just a few words on what make it so special. At the end of the year we can then look back at all the things we achieved during the year, setting us up for the new year ahead.

10. Visit 5 different holiday destinations

We are going to be sticking with mainly UK destinations. But we have decided we are going to try and visit 5 different locations over the space of a year. Let’s see where we end up.

Adventure is the key. Grab it with both hands.

Let’s see how much we can get done this year

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