Coming soon is your biggest adventure

Going for my last midwife appointment before our Baby Bonkers arrives has got me thinking about the very start of my pregnancy.

Finding out your pregnant will always come as a shock and is a scary thought. Weather you are expecting it to happen or not. The amount of emotions that were going through my head. I didn’t quiet believe it, I even went out and brought more tests to do at different times of the day, just to be double sure. We had only moved a year and half before, so for us this was definitely a surprise. But a very nice one to say the least.

For me I found out the day after my birthday, after a very busy weekend of celebrating. I should have guessed something was happening, as I didn’t have nowhere near as much energy as before, plus I was going off my food. And that morning I didn’t feel well at all. So when they say ‘ listen to your body’, do it. I didn’t listen to my body, and we got told Baby Bonkers has been cooking for 9 weeks already.

Once it had finally sunk in, the next step was telling Danny the big news. For people who know me they know that I don’t do things simple and I like to do things my way, and different.

I had seen lots of different way people had announced their pregnancy over social media, but they all seemed to be the same. A lot of what I found was boards with names, or the tests themselves. For me this was to simple I needed something more.

I sat down with my pen and paper, and started to think of different ideas in which I could use.

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? This was one of my first ideas. I was going to hit hints around the house, and in each area have a letter. Once all the letters has been collected Danny would have to work out the words- I’m pregnant. However this idea soon got thrown out. As it would have taken to long, and I would have become far to impatient.

Next I thought about creating a puzzle we would have to create, and make up together. But when looking into this it would have taken far to long to arrive.

I was then going to try and attempt to be funny and order loads of nappies and wipes to the house. Then get Danny to collect them, however after a lot of thinking I don’t think he would pay much attention to what was happening, and would properly just take them and not say a word.

None of this seemed to excite me. Until I though what is something we both have, use and love.

The answer was SHOES.

I ordered a pair of baby trainers online, making sure it was a pair that both Danny and myself have. I then placed them on the rug and waited for Danny to come up and realise. At first he was a typical man and walked over them, before realising what I had done. Quickly become very excited and confused, all in one.

We decided that although we were very excited, it was best for us to wait until the 12 week mark. This was for both our family and our friends. The reason behind this being before the 12 weeks, it is often known as the danger zone. Plus we wanted to keep it our little secret for a little bit longer.

Now let’s fast forward the big moment of telling the parents. We invited them over for the day, as we usually do. I was so nervous and couldn’t find the right moment at any part of the day. This is when Danny stepped in and handed each parent the card and envelope. Inside was a card that said ‘ your going to meet someone new’. There were tears, there was cheers and there was a lot of happiness.

We have been so lucky to have the support we have. And I am very happy that I’ve been able to capture each moment and share with you on our blog.

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