Feed the baby and stay healthy

‘Self care isn’t selfish, it’s a need in our life’

Don’t ever think that putting yourself first is a bad thing. Especially when pregnant as you are carrying the most precious thing ever. Remember to take time for yourself, and take a break.

Self care is all about improving your own health, and most importantly being happy in yourself. In pregnancy this is paramount, as it’s not only you now you have another little human depending on you. I have taken steps to help me and improve my health along this journey. As well as having the support from Danny.

We have only introduced small things into our routine however the small things make a big difference. Both Danny and myself like getting out and getting some fresh air. For us Sunday is a day we know we don’t plan much, so decided this is this best day for us to go for a walk. This isn’t always in our local area, but to different parklands and forests. Somewhere new to explore. It is also great for when the baby is here to. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have really struggled to find trainers that aren’t only comfortable, but are easy to put on. When walking you want comfort, and being pregnant you need to be. I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful brand of ‘ ones leisure trainers’ at BlogOn UK. As soon as I tried these trainers on, they were so comfy and lightweight. They have 3 different designs, and are unisex. They have a lovely story behind the brand too and are genuinely wonderful people. It’s definitely worth a read and a look at their trainers. https://ones.co.uk

Since living in this house we always mentioned about meal planning, but busy lives we never sat down to get it done. Until now. During this pregnancy I haven’t wanted to eat much, or when asked what I want I can’t decide. So help was on its way.

I made sure we both sat down and wrote a list of our favourite meals, and some cheeky puddings, as well as the ingredients needed. This meant when we went shopping we didn’t over spend or buy things we didn’t need. We would like to not only be healthy but lose a little bit of weight in the process. For me that will be after the pregnancy. Although it doesn’t work for everyone we found if we do a monthly frozen shop, it makes it much easier for us as we don’t have to go out every week. We are lucky enough to have a chest freezer as well as a fridge freezer. Meaning we can do this. We ensure we have enough food for the month ahead. This also is another money saver, as we can buy bulk on a lot, which means we can get deals on food.

Some of the meals planned simply go into the slow cooker. The best result for this is that once it’s cooked and we have eaten our share, the rest can be placed in pots and frozen for a later time. Other meals we will cook more then is needed and complete the same process. They say the most important thing to remember is getting enough vitamins and fluids in your body. To help me drink more I brought the best bottle, that has the times down the side to make sure your drinking enough. As well as little positive quotes.

I’ve started to include more calcium into my diet. As this is something I didn’t do. Apart from milk in my teas, that was about my intake. One drink that has become my new favourite is shaken udder milkshakes. I recently reviewed this over on my instagram page- https://www.instagram.com/p/CjqniBEMMd6/

If you are like me I’m always reminded breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My recent favourite being Overnight oats, so simple and easy to make. All prepared the evening before. So no need to wake up and rush around. You should try it out.

I like to be organised and I wanted a weekly meal planner. But I didn’t want a paper version or book I wanted a board I could rub out and change on a regular basis. Only problem was the ones I had seen were expensive. Until I walked into one of our local charity shops, they had a brand new planning board for £5. On a weekly basis I will write down the meals we are having. Checking the food we have in the freezer and cupboards.

Now this point is easier set then done, and take that from me. As it’s about about getting a good night sleep. I love my sleep and I definitely had to make some changes to my nightly routine. I can’t sit here and promise you they are going to work for you. But some tips from me to you:

Keeping a regular sleeping pattern. Before I was pregnant especially at the weekends I would go to bed whenever I felt like it and this being sometimes 12 o’clock at night. I would stay up watching films, or browsing and talking. I soon found out early in my pregnancy, this was not a good way to start. So I started going to bed around the same time every night. Both during the week and at the weekend. Surprising this did help, apart from having to get up for toilet breaks. However I can say you may still feel tired and want a nap, but it has helped me sleep through the night.

My next tip is your sleeping position and your room layout. Make sure when you get into bed you are comfortable, and the room is how you like it. I found me I lay on my side and cuddle up to my pregnancy pillow. The one I have is the full body pillow, and with it being thick is very comfortable at night. Also I find I stay in the same position during the night. One thing we did do is opted to change our curtains. We purchased some black out curtains, you don’t realise how much light is let in with normal standard curtains. For us this was a very good purchase, and have done this for every room.

You are amazing. You can do anything if you put your mind to it and You will succeed.

Preparing to welcome 10 tiny little toes

‘Watching our very own fairytale unfold

The day we have been waiting for. The day of the baby show. Last night I couldn’t even sleep due to the excitement. Or is that just being pregnant I don’t know?

We have spent the day in London at the baby show with Lidl GB. This was located at the Olympia Stadium, where they have been running for the past 21 years. A day spent with Nanny and Grandpa B- https://thehousethatneverrests.com/about-us-3

As soon as I walked through the doors, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. It was going to be a fun filled day, despite the danger our pockets may be in. The aim of our day was to purchase a buggy and a travel system for Baby Bonkers arrival. All I had in mind was that I wanted something grey, which wasn’t much help to anyone.

The first stall we noticed was Lidl’s, the set up was lovely and unusual, as it was based on a house layout. We took a seat in the living room, and spoke to one of the lovely ladies. She supplied us with a goodie bag, and told us about the prices of some of the products, and things that they sell relating to baby care.

After this we headed towards the back of the hall. To where we got told we needed to be to find the buggies.

However it didn’t take long for us to get side tracked again and find another interesting stall. This stall was called SnuggleBundl. We got given a demonstration on the product. It has been described as the worlds first baby lifting blanket, with handles. You simply lay the baby inside, placing their head in the support provided. This protects the head and also means they can be lifted without waking. Perfect for transferring your sleepy heads into the car, or even out shopping from the car to the shopping trolley. We brought two of this one warmer blanket, and one for the summer weather, or when on holiday. This is something you need to check out yourself. https://snugglebundl.co.uk/?_atid=inGgn6c0fRV5pxMnzQFlY74MyfjGpc

As soon as we finished here, we walked in hope of finding our buggy. As soon as I turned the corner I instantly fell in love with a grey leatherette buggy. Nanny B who was sat on a rocking chair, was also eyeing it up. They had a range of different buggy on offer but none caught our eye more then this one. Check out there range. You definitely won’t be disappointed- https://www.mee-go.co.uk

The buggy we spotted was a mee-go Milano Plus Leather, it came with everything we were looking for. It had the bassinet, as well as the seat unit, car seat and the isofix base. Even better it included some added extras. The one thing we liked is that many buggies out there are fabric. This makes it harder for them to stay clean, but being leatherette it’s perfect to simply just wipe over. As it was a special event many stalls were offering exclusive offers for the day. Even the top brands. Meaning we got some very good deals.

As we were speaking to the gentleman, he was informing us the buggies he sells are all stitched in Italy. However everything else is completed here in the UK. Meaning not only would it arrive to us quicker. If there was to be any problems, the turn around for getting fixed would be a lot easier, quicker and simpler. I really liked the idea of having a buggy that was made in the UK. He also informed us we can test the buggy out at the ‘made for mums’ buggy testing track. Obviously we couldn’t say no and went to find it. The track was made up of different obstacles you would face on a daily outing. Grass, bumps, ridges and even one that resembled a stoney texture. It was brilliant, as there were a range of buggy, we tested out some others we had liked and seen. However still nothing compared to the mee-go. The mee- go was so easy to manoeuvre and could easily be pushed using one hand. On the wheels themselves they had different setting for different grounds. Also the suspension for a buggy was pretty good too. The only issue for some would be the basket at the bottom is smaller then other buggies. That wasn’t an issue for us, as the basket was enclosed, so when you have things inside it won’t get wet and dirty if your out and about.

A little sneak peak above. Check back in a few weeks when we have the buggy set up and ready to go.

We decided we didn’t want to rush to an answer, as it was a very big decision to make so decided we would take some time looking at other buggies, other stalls, and grab a bite to eat.

As we walked around they had your well known brands, as well as little boutiques and business not so well known. But all fantastic. The one stall we were interested in visiting was the Tommee tippee, as we knew there were some bits we wanted but hadn’t had the chance to buy. We found a gro clock. I have wanted one of this for a while for Baby Bonkers room. It’s a night light that changes colour depending on the temperature in the room.

Although we don’t plan on using dummies we wanted to prepare just in case. As you never know. Plus for the price we paid, it was a no brainier. So thank you Tommee Tippee for that one. We walked past the Milton stall and noticed they had goody bags for £10. Included inside was Milton hand sanitizer, and a soother steriliser. Something none of us had seen before, but such a good little invention. It’s a ball type container which can attach to the buggy, inside was a sponge that the tip of the dummy sits in. Simply put water in the container and a small tablet, which was included and your done in 15 minutes.

Let’s now fast forward to the end of the day, and hours of walking around, talking to experts and listening to different live talk on the main stage. We have made our big decision on our buggy and travel system.

YES!! You guessed it, the buggy we had seen hours earlier.

Reminiscing the dating game

‘It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails’

Looking back on our memories of the many dates we have been on, we fast forward a year and notice how things have changed dramatically.

One year ago we were venturing around London breathing and taking in all the sights on the start of our bar crawl. Wrapped up warm and cosy on the way to our destination of London’s tropical escape Laki Kane for an afternoon of cocktail making and tasting. (More tasting but we need to learn don’t we?)

We started of as many young British people would do, and found a weatherspoons pub. We had a bite to eat here to line our stomachs and our first round of drinks. From here on we stopped of at a range of bars. This was only so we could compare our creations to the ones we had previously tried, and tested.

A short walk away we found Laki Kane. This bar and restaurant is very easy to get to, both by bus and train. The closest tube stations is Angel Islington. Only a couple of minute walk.

On arrival to the bar, outside looked amazing, trees and foliage everywhere. Setting the tropical scene as it advertised very well. As soon as we walked in the staff were all very friendly and polite. As well as very chatty, and more then happy to show us where we needed to go, and what to expect from our experience. The experience we choose was the cocktail masterclass which we booked using Virgin Experience Days. However they offer a few other options too.

If you are wanting to impress your date you could have your very own romantic cocktail class.

If that’s not for you a simple rum making class, or am very easy and simple rum tasting with a sharing cocktail.

If you are lucky to visit on a Saturday or Sunday, you can pop by for a 3 course meal with 1.5 hours of bottomless cocktails.

Downstairs in the bar and restaurant area they offer an authentic Thai menu. Unfortunately we didn’t stop for food, but after smelling and seeing some of the dishes we will be returning.

The room in which we got taken to, was up a flight of stairs. And looked to us as it was going to be very small. However it was set out lovely and was bigger then expected. It was like walking up and being transported on a holiday, with the decor. On the tables were the different syrups we were going to use, rums and a fantastic little book called ‘ Let’s get tropical’. This was great, and filled with so many yummy looking cocktails. Too many to try.

A bigger bonus was we got told we could purchase at the end of the session for £5. We obviously had to buy this to improve our skills at home, and impress our guests. However for now it takes pride of place on our alcohol wall were it will stay for a little while longer, until the baby has arrived.

Our host was great, and couldn’t have been more helpful answering the questions. He didn’t rush us like we have had in some places, as was patient with each and everyone of us.

The cocktails we learnt to make were delicious and it was really nice to be able to actually see what goes into making it. We also liked that each cocktail our host would provide a little bit of history on the drink. Or even how to improve it next time.

I thought I knew about my drinks but I couldn’t have been more incorrect. We learnt about rum over the years, and what to put into a good cocktail. We learnt key techniques to become experts of the cocktail world. Then we were left and we were able to choose our very own recipe to try from the book. Whilst making the cocktail we found out that it’s good to use the correct measure. As we kind of got this wrong, and ended up with a very strong drink.

We had such a great experience here, and we will definitely be returning for another experience. This place definitely deserves 5 stars from us. Unfortunately now for us our future dates won’t be including any types of alcohol. But as soon as I can here is a destination we will be attending.

But until then we will still have lots of fun exploring new experiences and new date ideas.

Step up your game

‘ The best memories, are made gathered around a table with family and fun’

On a Saturday night, what more could you wish for then being sat around the table with your favourite people. The best thing to do is obviously introduce a new game that takes no more then 30 seconds to explain.

It’s a win win situation with us. But beware this game when playing with adults or our family can get very serious. It’s one to test your skill and your patience, but have a great joke and laugh with.

We were lucky enough to be gifted a new game. As soon as we saw this we knew it was one for us to incorporate into our next game night. Not only is it an updated version of a wooden game I used to play when I was younger, it is much safer as if it falls you won’t be giving yourself injuries (I hope not anyways).

‘The Fuzzies’, the name says it all fuzzy balls. Being a game with fuzzy balls, you would think it would fall down easily, but I’m surprised how sturdy it was. Some are easier to remove then others, but some are stuck solid. We got this game gifted to us by VR Distribution. Who have a fantastic range of different boards games for all ages and abilities. The fuzzies for us has now become one of our favourite games for games night.

It’s very simple to set up. All you need to do is have a good shuffle of the cards. Next place all the fuzzies into the cup and push all into place, once you have done this flip on the stand and your ready to go.

Each player takes their turn to choose a coloured card. Using the little tweezers you need to make sure your very careful to choose the correct coloured fuzzie without any falling. If you accomplish this you are a winner, and you can relax until your next turn.

However if your a loser like me, it’s not that simple. My first turn I failed miserably. I choose my fuzzie and as I take it out the top section all falls down. For me I was rewarded a challenge. This can be using your other hand, covering one eye. For me I had to pretend I was an elephant, and use my other hand. Deep breathe and sweating as I took my time feeling the pressure I took my turn, this time I achieved my goal.

Having a games night for us once a month has become tradition since moving into our home. We are always looking at new ways to vamp our nights in up, and make more interesting. It is the one time we can get the family together for fun and laughter. As well as trying new games and having a good catch up. Although we are all adults I like the idea that if children were to join, there are so many learning opportunities. Firstly it’s good for colour recognition, which after a few drinks from the others they could do some help with. Also improving fine motor skills. Which is very important.

Our family night normally consist of a cheeky takeaway and some well deserved drinks. However for me being pregnant, I am taking a step back, and letting the other enjoy. But I didn’t want to miss out altogether and after drinking water all the time I needed a change. This is when I found some non alcoholic gin from Aldi. If you know me well enough you know before I was pregnant gin was my go to and since finding this I was in awe. I choose the rhubarb and ginger, and with a splash of lemonade you wouldn’t even tell that it contained no alcohol. I have also found Heineken do a non alcohol beer. Which when out shopping I treated myself. Even Danny had a sip and said for a non alcoholic beverage. It was very good.

I don’t know about you but games night has taught me; team work makes the dream work. New memories and laughs are always made. You incorporate social skills (no matter if you win or lose) and most importantly

‘Don’t take life to seriously’

The baby made me do it

‘ I may have 2 brains in my body. But not even 1 works

Sitting here with nothing to watch on the TV, I’ve been researching the weird and wonderful items you can buy as a mummy. Now the ones I have found are actually really good ideas and I’ve added to my wish list. They are fantastic but you do wonder who and why they were ever invented.

Number One; Pregnancy seatbelt

This is something that really interested me, when I first found out about these. The reason behind this invention is brilliant and very smart.

Instead of having the lap belt going over your bump, which can be very dangerous for us ladies who are pregnant. This is because having a seat belt across your belly puts pressure on the abdomen which is where the foetus is located. The difference is the pregnancy seat belt fits across the chest, and is secured between your legs and across the top of them. It is very easy to install to the seat and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

I found this so interesting that I’ve added it to my wish list. You can buy this online, by simply typing in ‘pregnancy seatbelt’. If your like me and drive everywhere then this safety belt is a brilliant idea.

Check the one I’ve been looking at- http://clippasafe.co.uk

Number Two; Mummy and Daddy decider coin

Are you indecisive?

Becoming a parent there are a lot of choices and a lot of decisions to be made. We got given a first time parents hamper filled with lots of essentials and goodies for us. One of the things inside was a coin decider. One to use up until baby bonkers arrival and another one for when he is here.

This is such a brilliant quirky little joke gift, but worth every penny. We have used it for who turn it to cook dinner, and who’s turn it was to do the cleaning. Because obviously we had to make sure it worked properly, and know how it is used. It can save you the arguments and make your parenthood life a lot easier.

They can be brought very easily online by simply searching ‘parents coin decider’

Number three; Baby shusher

Do you like sleep? Then this is definitely for you.

Recommend to be used from birth the baby shusher mimics the soothing voice of a ‘shh’. Because of the noise is a consistent soothing sound, it helps your babies to rest easy, and fall into a better sleep. You can use this up to any age but the recommended age is up to 9 months.

In the womb your baby is used to hearing up to 95 decibels. The baby shusher uses up to 85 decibels which can be adjusted at your control. Meaning it’s completely safe.

The benefits I would definitely say for this amazing little device is, it’s portable and runs off batteries so can be brought out and about with you on the move, or simply within the home. Also it has a timer of 15-30 minutes, depending on how long your baby takes to fall asleep it’s your choice.

Check them out- http://babyshusher.com

My top three things for becoming a mummy has been revealed. I am sure I’ll be having more weird and wonderful items and ideas soon.

Our little boy, under construction..

Pregnancy was never going to be easy, no matter what people say or what you read on the internet. Or even what you think. And for me a first time mum, it was no different. I just tried to educate myself reading articles on the internet, and reading books.

I’ve read so much on google about what you should be taking, what you should be doing, what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

The one I was interested in reading was what to eat to prevent morning sickness, and for me nothing really worked in the first trimester, and I did try my fair share of different things. They say ginger biscuits are the best. I tried this and they worked, but then I completely went off them soon after. It was then the nausea, not once in the first three months was I ever sick, but the feeling was there most of the day. So I don’t know what was worse. I just had to get used to the idea it would just pass with time and something you would sadly get used to. which unfortunately it did. The first 3 months I felt very tired, but off course you would, as your body is going through so many changes.

From day one I went from eating like a a monster to eating hardly anything, and having to be literally forced to eat. Which is when I started to try and eat little and often. As well as enjoy fruit smoothie, this was good as it could easily be drank, so didn’t feel like I was eating. The best food I found was cucumber and hummus, and dry crackers with little bits and pieces on the side, like cheese cubes. This is when I started to food plan, and meal prep. This wasn’t only good for me to know what I was eating within a day, but made sure both myself and DB were being healthier. They say in your first trimester this is the most important, as this is the point your baby is starting to develop their structure and the little vital organs.

One tip for any women out there is to purchase a pregnancy pillow too. The more weeks you become the more sleep won’t be your best friend, no matter how hard you try. But having my pillow and laying on my left side really did help me get a better night. The pillow I had I brought of Amazon UK. It’s offers me so much support still up to now, and due to the shape good for when the baby is here, to help support them.

For me doing research they advise you not to sleep on the right side due to the major blood vessels running that side of your spine. This was hard for me as this is my normal sleeping postition. I tried laying on my back which for some time brilliant, but after a while that become a no no when your bump starts growing!! So the left side it is. Helpful tip- use a pillow between your legs to support yourself.

Where I am now- Second trimester

Luckily this has been much better for me, the nausea went. But my appetite still stayed away. Every time I look at food I am put off, the only thing I enjoy and continue to eat are pickled eggs. I can’t get enough of them.

I am so lucky to have the support from DB, who ensures I have food for the day and snack bits. I have felt so lucky to have him around to support me through this. You need to make sure that you are taking time for yourself and thinking of your own mental health. I have written from my perspective the ways I have changed my lifestyle in incorporate this better. Feed the baby and stay healthy

Apart from the lose of appetite, and wanting to sleep all the time, it’s not actually been too bad. The best part of these months are the baby starts to kick and that is absolutely brilliant. I am loving this part of pregnancy. I’ve got a perfect little bump (being kept on track by updated pictures).

Using the free app ‘Pregnancy+’ I am able to track the babies size, and get weekly updates. I love the way it gives you the size in fruit, sweets and animals. I have being using the fruit and photographing my belly alongside these.

Come visit back for more as I get bigger, and join me in my journey. Becoming a mum

Is it a boy or a girl?

Today was the day we found out if we were team blue💙 or team pink💗

I bet most of you have heard about private scans. And were like us thinking it is far to expensive for anyone to afford something like that, or they don’t know how accurate they are going to be, and it could all go wrong.

Well Window to the Womb put everything at ease for us, making us not only feel so welcome but happily sat down and answered all the questions we had. Our closest branch was Cambridge, which is based in Newmarket. They recently opened in June this year, and based in an office style block. They require you to pay a deposit, and the balance when you arrive on the day.

So this is where we visited and will be going back for our last 4D scan early next year. However they have them situated all over, so don’t worry you wont miss out this experience if your looking. Locations are easily navigated through there website.

Lets start from the beginning..

As we set off for the scan I was feeling very nervous about what to expect. When we arrived and walked through the atmosphere was calm and the bright colours make you relax. The ladies at the desk greeted me by name, which make me feel at ease. They doubled checked what we had booked in for was correct and gave us a seat. Due to it being a gender reveal, they offered a range of different packages we could choose from, however they were not pushy like some places we have visited for other events to spend more money. They offer different packages which suit all different needs. If you don’t believe us go and check them out yourselves- https://windowtothewomb.co.uk/private-baby-scan-packages/

We both explained that we wanted to keep the gender a secret, as we were going to be holding a party, and we wanted it to be a surprise for everyone attending as well as ourselves. They spoke and joked with us, and said they would advice the sonographer of our choices, however they explained as hard as they try not to give hints or let this information out, it could potentially happen. Because of this we signed some paperwork agreeing to what we had been told, and was soon called into the room for the most nerve wrecking time.

The Scan..

Walking into the room was a bit strange, the lights were dimmed and you had TV screens on each wall. The excitement we both felt must have been obvious to the sonographer and his assistant as they started to ask us how we were feeling, and what our predictions were for the gender. Normally your on the same page as your partner but not us, we were completely different. I felt it was going to be a boy, Danny on the other hand a girl. So lets see who is right.

As we got comfortable, I was asked to confirm who I was, and that we wanted the gender to be a secret. Once we were all happy, the screens were turned on to reveal our beautiful but wriggly energetic baby. As the scan was being completed we were told everything that was being checked and why. We were very happy when we were shown the babies heart beat, and allowed us to listen. Baby Bonkers sounded like he was having his own little party inside my tummy. Once checks were done, the screen was turned off, this was the moment of truth to find out weather it was a prince or a princess. Everything was done so professionally by each and everyone of them, and you could see that the ladies were excited for us when they did the checks and got everything ready for us.

The package we choose was to get a photo frame with our baby, as well as a heartbeat bear. Included was a video from start to end, and extra pictures from the scan. A little keepsake for our baby box.

They gave us an app to download, that they use so we can have access all of the scan pictures, as well as the video. We were made to promise that we wouldn’t watch the video, or read our report until the party was over.

The BIG Reveal..

Fast forward 1 week, our reveal party has arrived.

The butterflies and nerves have kicked in, I didn’t sleep much last night (part of that the normal pregnancy related). But we are so excited. For our reveal we wanted to get all our friends and family together and decided on meeting at a nearby park.

I am the organised one in the relationship, with my list of things that needed doing. First job was to set up the ‘BABY’ boxes, and fill with pink and blue balloons. Next was set up the table and make this look pretty. Once this was done it was time for the cake to be delivered.

Our good friend arrived shortly after, who was put in charge of the coloured cannons. And before you knew it people were arriving. People walking over the field in pink or blue. Tension was high and excitement took over, the time had arrived.

We are having a ‘BOY’

Come and visit Baby Bonkers on his page ‘Baby Burr