Baby Burr

‘ My mummy doesn’t waddle, its the pregnancy swag’

Hi there. Welcome to Baby Burrs page aka Baby Bonkers, I will be making my appearance in February 2023, and I cant wait to be join the world. Whilst I’ve been snuggled inside mummy and daddy have created a First baby bucket list. This is a list of 10 things we are going to hopefully achieve within the first year of my life.

Mummy and daddy recently found out I was going to be a beautiful boy, and they are so excited. They visited a private viewing and my mummy wrote a post- Is it a boy or a girl?

One thing my mummy and daddy have decided on is my bedroom, and how they want this to look. Making it perfect for when I’m bigger to sleep in my big boy room. They have been Adding a splash of colour. My mummy has become very forgetful so she has created a checklist with the help of daddy, of the important things they need to remember before they start.

My mummy has started looking at gifts and gadgets, that will be good for me when I arrive. Both for the home and whilst on our adventures out and about. There is still a lot mummy and daddy need to buy for me, so shopping around is the key thing right now.

Mummy and Daddy travelled to London to visit the Baby Show. They wanted to find me the perfect buggy, and they did. After walking around for 5 hours.

I am so excited to be snuggled up inside it. They also got some other treats too. Mummy likes her shopping, and I like it when she buys me things for when I am here. Have a read- Preparing to welcome 10 tiny little toes

I can’t wait to start making memories and explore the big world with my family. Getting up to all kinds of trouble.

My nanny has her own blog too, where she is documenting the lifestyle of our adventurous family, and has a section all about me and my big cousin. If you want to visit her she can be found at thehousethatneverrests.