Becoming a mum

‘The best part of pregnancy is knowing I am in love with a little human I haven’t met yet

Becoming a mum, you never know what to expect especially being a first time mummy. Where do I start? What do I buy? What do I expect? There are many Things no one tell you about pregnancy

I have noticed whilst out and about, getting ready to prepare how expensive things are. Clothes was one of the first things we noticed, and then the baby essentials. You do wonder how all of this can be afforded. Not to mention all the new gadgets that are always making an appearance, and promising to make your parenting life easier. I discovered some inventions, that I like to say ‘The baby made me do it’. I hope you won’t be as disappointed as me, they are weird and wonderful.

I went and had a look on the Facebook selling sites, and visiting charity shops. Some of the items found still had labels attached, or had been worn once or twice. And what we paid, was much less then the original price tag. It’s a win win situation right?

“My motto was why buy brand new when you can help out others and reuse perfectly useable items”

Whats to come?

Becoming a mum isn’t going to be easy, take a read of my post Our little boy, under construction... Here I have explained how for me the pregnancy has been up til now, with a few little tips that have helped me out.

During my pregnancy I have wanted to stay healthy and make sure my mental health was on a good level. And I wanted to share with you. Feed the baby and stay healthy. To add a bit of fun to my pregnancy I wanted to track and document my journey and my bump. I have been tracking the size of the baby compared to fruit and vegetables. I have used various apps to help me. Whatever fruit or vegetable we choice, we ensure that we try it, or incorporate this into a meal.

Becoming a parent takes a lot of planning, decorating and organising in our household. I have written lists after lists, on what things we need for Baby Bonkers arrival. One for his bedroom, clothes we need, items for the kitchen. I have started putting together What’s in the bag, pregnancy edition.

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