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‘ A recipe has no soul, so you as the cook needs to bring the soul instead’

We love our food and drink. But we want to create a healthier lifestyle for ourselves. So we have started by giving ourselves a kick to create more homemade meals, and experimenting with food.

We didn’t realise how much fun this can be, and amazingly we can work well together when it comes to cooking. We have found lots of different recipes for all times of the day.

Being a couple that work full time, we don’t have lots of time on our hands to prepare meals, which is why we got lazy with frozen food, that can easily be put in the oven and left. BUT now Katie is on maternity leave we have put a stop to that. She is wanting to keep herself busy around the house, whilst she can and she has started by creating some healthy meals.

She has branded herself the New found baker of carrot cake

Weather it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. We have got you.

Overnight oats| A quick on the go breakfast or even snack crammed with your favourite fruit, in a layer of oats and yogurt. Simple to make and ideal to make the night before, for that pick up and go.

Dinner Time:

Toad in the hole| An old favourite dinner. With 5 simple ingredients, this is the best meal to make if your in a rush, or in that can’t be bothered mood.