Our Home

‘ Some call it chaos, we call it our family’

Home Life

We are a young energetic couple who got together in April 2018 moved to Suffolk in July 2021 and expecting our little boy February 2023.

When purchasing our first house. It took months and months of waiting. And now most of our free time is spent decorating, revamping and Katie’s job is adding that homely feeling. Adding her sparkle. She is always looking for a bargain, so can often be found on the internet searching for some new purchases, or in and out of a good charity shop. Where we have both found lots of nice things for the home. We love trying new things weather this be- gadgets, decor for our home or even food. We have often been Guinea pig testers.

When moving in we really wanted a pet, we are both big dog lovers but due to working full time, this was out of the picture. Instead we brought a canary and named him Burrville.

Our House at the end of the street

One thing we love in this house is a good challenge, and what is a better way then to buy a house that not only needs making into a home. But needs some renovating too. Plenty to rip out and replace, adding a splash of colour and adding our own stamp. When we moved in we didn’t realise how much actually needed doing, but slowly we are getting there, and its finally starting to look like a home.

When completing work, we like to do it ourselves to help keep the cost down. And learn a new thing or two, which I think we can stay we have mastered.

Whats important to us

There is nothing better than a date day/night. Although we are a busy couple, we always make sure that once a month we plan a day to go out together and have fun. This has been simple things like going out for a meal, to experience days, and weekends away. We have been very lucky to travel around the UK in order for a good date.Check out Our Adventures for a list of our favourite dates, and the dates themselves.

Since moving we have started to budget more. This is something that has not only had to happen but has helped us majorly. One way we have incorporated this is more home cooked meals, and experimenting with recipes we wouldn’t normally try before. This is something we have enjoyed doing as a couple, and realised we are not to bad at this either. We love our Food| Drink, and like to perform as host to friends and family. Even making our very own Come dine with me style nights. Which have plenty of fun and laughs.

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