Is it a boy or a girl?

Today was the day we found out if we were team blue๐Ÿ’™ or team pink๐Ÿ’—

I bet most of you have heard about private scans. And were like us thinking it is far to expensive for anyone to afford something like that, or they donโ€™t know how accurate they are going to be, and it could all go wrong.

Well Window to the Womb put everything at ease for us, making us not only feel so welcome but happily sat down and answered all the questions we had. Our closest branch was Cambridge, which is based in Newmarket. They recently opened in June this year, and based in an office style block. They require you to pay a deposit, and the balance when you arrive on the day.

So this is where we visited and will be going back for our last 4D scan early next year. However they have them situated all over, so don’t worry you wont miss out this experience if your looking. Locations are easily navigated through there website.

Lets start from the beginning..

As we set off for the scan I was feeling very nervous about what to expect. When we arrived and walked through the atmosphere was calm and the bright colours make you relax. The ladies at the desk greeted me by name, which make me feel at ease. They doubled checked what we had booked in for was correct and gave us a seat. Due to it being a gender reveal, they offered a range of different packages we could choose from, however they were not pushy like some places we have visited for other events to spend more money. They offer different packages which suit all different needs. If you don’t believe us go and check them out yourselves-

We both explained that we wanted to keep the gender a secret, as we were going to be holding a party, and we wanted it to be a surprise for everyone attending as well as ourselves. They spoke and joked with us, and said they would advice the sonographer of our choices, however they explained as hard as they try not to give hints or let this information out, it could potentially happen. Because of this we signed some paperwork agreeing to what we had been told, and was soon called into the room for the most nerve wrecking time.

The Scan..

Walking into the room was a bit strange, the lights were dimmed and you had TV screens on each wall. The excitement we both felt must have been obvious to the sonographer and his assistant as they started to ask us how we were feeling, and what our predictions were for the gender. Normally your on the same page as your partner but not us, we were completely different. I felt it was going to be a boy, Danny on the other hand a girl. So lets see who is right.

As we got comfortable, I was asked to confirm who I was, and that we wanted the gender to be a secret. Once we were all happy, the screens were turned on to reveal our beautiful but wriggly energetic baby. As the scan was being completed we were told everything that was being checked and why. We were very happy when we were shown the babies heart beat, and allowed us to listen. Baby Bonkers sounded like he was having his own little party inside my tummy. Once checks were done, the screen was turned off, this was the moment of truth to find out weather it was a prince or a princess. Everything was done so professionally by each and everyone of them, and you could see that the ladies were excited for us when they did the checks and got everything ready for us.

The package we choose was to get a photo frame with our baby, as well as a heartbeat bear. Included was a video from start to end, and extra pictures from the scan. A little keepsake for our baby box.

They gave us an app to download, that they use so we can have access all of the scan pictures, as well as the video. We were made to promise that we wouldn’t watch the video, or read our report until the party was over.

The BIG Reveal..

Fast forward 1 week, our reveal party has arrived.

The butterflies and nerves have kicked in, I didn’t sleep much last night (part of that the normal pregnancy related). But we are so excited. For our reveal we wanted to get all our friends and family together and decided on meeting at a nearby park.

I am the organised one in the relationship, with my list of things that needed doing. First job was to set up the ‘BABY’ boxes, and fill with pink and blue balloons. Next was set up the table and make this look pretty. Once this was done it was time for the cake to be delivered.

Our good friend arrived shortly after, who was put in charge of the coloured cannons. And before you knew it people were arriving. People walking over the field in pink or blue. Tension was high and excitement took over, the time had arrived.

We are having a ‘BOY’

Come and visit Baby Bonkers on his page ‘Baby Burr